What is Biden's executive order on Artificial Intelligence? What is an executive order? Here is all you need to know

An executive order has been laid down by U.S. President Joe Biden in order to regulate artificial intelligence. An executive order is different from legislation. What is an executive order? Let's understand.

Astha Pasricha
Nov 16, 2023, 00:20 EDT
What is Biden's executive order on Artificial Intelligence? What is an executive order?
What is Biden's executive order on Artificial Intelligence? What is an executive order?

On one side, artificial intelligence is expanding day by day globally, while on the other end stands a huge struggle for governments to set a regulatory framework for the growing technology. Artificial intelligence provides a wide array of never-experienced-before benefits to the mankind, but also poses serious risks on data, privacy, and more. That is when global participants collectively look for judicious frameworks to regulate the technology. Joe Biden, United States President brought forward an executive order last month to encourage "safe, secure, and trustworthy" development and use of Artificial Intelligence, thereby talking about issues relating to misinformation, discrimination, and privacy.

On October 30, the order was signed by the US President that laid down a set of guidelines for federal agencies and companies of the United States to abide by while dealing with acquisition, deployment, and design of A.I. systems. President of United States, Joe Biden has stated that the executive order is actually the "most significant action" taken by any government in the entire world on artificial intelligence safety. the President called upon Congress to assent to bipartisan legislation in order to put a halt to huge Tech platforms from gathering personal information of the citizens.

In October, President Biden issued the AI Bill of Rights along with voluntary commitments from Big Tech companies to adhere to the safety standards for artificial intelligence.

The Biden administration is not the only U.S. government to make such moves. In the year 2019, the Trump administration too issued an executive action laying down the basic standards for artificial intelligence use.

Understanding an executive action

The operations of the executive branch of the United States federal government are managed by the U.S. President through executive orders. These orders are actually directives that are not only signed, but also written and published to the executive branch from the President. It is important to note that only a sitting United States President can issue orders like these to further the existing laws.

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