National Press Day 2023: Top 8 Best Countries For Journalists

By Anshika Verma16, Nov 2023 07:00

National Press Day 2023

The National Press Day represents an independent press in India. In honour of the Press Council of India, India observes National Press Day on November 16 each year. Tap to read about the top 8 best countries for press freedom!


According to the World journalistic Freedom Index, Norway has a score of 92.65 for journalistic freedom. In 2022, it is the nation with the most press freedom.


Denmark ranks as the second-best nation for press freedom. The press freedom index gave it a score of 90.27. In Denmark, politicians honour the freedom of the press.


The press freedom index gave it a score of 88.84. Sweden was the first nation in history to enact a legislation protecting press freedom in 1766.


Estonia moved up 11 spots from 15th to 4th place in the 2022 World Press Freedom Index rankings. In Estonia, press freedom is protected both legally and politically.


Finland has routinely ranked among the best nations in the world for press freedom over the last few years. Finland's constitution guarantees freedom of the media.


On the list of the top nations for press freedom in 2022, it comes in at number six. In Ireland, there is scant evidence of governmental influence over the media.


Reporters are not restricted in reporting and press freedom is protected under the constitution. According to the 2022 World Press Freedom Index, Portugal received a score of 87.07.

Costa Rica

The eighth-best nation for journalistic freedom is Costa Rica. The only nation in America to score highly on press freedom is Costa Rica.

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