How To Deal With Nervousness? Know 6 Easy Tips

By Anshika Verma15, Nov 2023 03:34

Practice yoga

Yoga might be helpful for nervousness. Nervousness and depressive symptoms go down when you are practicing yoga.

Using visualisation techniques

One of the visualisation strategies is to picture a serene environment. Visualise yourself in a calm setting, such a forest or beach.

Deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing is an effective method that can instantly reduce nervousness by lowering your body's stress level.

Listen to music

Mood can be strongly influenced by music. Make a playlist of relaxing or comforting songs for when worry gets the better of you.

Engaging in mindfulness

According to the expert, practicing mindfulness involves bringing oneself to the present moment without passing judgement.

Get Regular Exercise

Regular movement helps to release stress hormones by balancing the neurological system and increasing blood flow.

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