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3 Steps to Make the Right Career Choice!

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Topic: Unlocking the Future: AI Careers and Opportunities

Date & Time: 19th May, 2023, 5 PM


Most students find it difficult to choose the right stream, course, college or country to study. Career counselling gives them clarity to help them choose the right career path. An expert career counsellor guides you with their professional experience, having strong understanding of industry trends and thinking with a long-term approach that suits you the best.

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    Plan your life goals early

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    Choose the right stream in Class 11

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    Understand your personality & aptitude

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    Find out which college/course is best for you

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    Get to know your strengths & weaknesses

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    Maximize your chances of success in life

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Topic: Unlocking the Future: AI Careers and Opportunities

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Step 2

Psychometric Assessment

A psychometric test helps to identify your personality, areas of interest and aptitude level, so you can make the right career choice.

  • AptitudeQuantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning.
  • PersonalityPersonality Types, Traits, Temperament
  • InterestTheoretical/research oriented, Practical/action-oriented

This psychometric tool assesses students on 16 factors covering aptitude, personality & interest. Available in English, Hindi & 6 other languages, it has been administered to over 1.95 million students, attaining the highest possible reliability & validity. The assessment results in a 16-page career report giving recommendations of the top careers that will be best fit for you.

Take a Detailed Psychometric Assement @ Rs 199/- Rs 99/-

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  • You will get a 30-min one-on-one video session with an experienced career counsellor
  • Here you can ask your career-related questions directly
Pro Tip: To maximise this opportunity, write down all the queries before the session and share those with the counsellor in the beginning of the session.
@ 499/-
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What our Students Think

  • Sita ramaswami (Parent)

    Class 10, Gopalan International School

    “Along with psychometric assessment, iDreamCareer’s personalized dashboard provided great information for both my children. With the career report & one-on-one counseling, there was an open discussion about my children’s opinions and choices. Having limited knowledge about different careers as a parent, iDC came as a big help.”

  • Anirban Saren

    3rd Year, Asutosh College

    “The assessment and career counseling video call was worth the money. My counselor guided me through the best career option for me and my future. She listened to me and my mother about my history and she accordingly gave a very practical solution which is also suited for my personality, interests and aptitude.”

  • Kartika verma

    2nd year, hansraj College

    “Earlier I was too confused regarding my career options. There were too many career options and I didn’t know how to evaluate between them and choose one. In my first session, the counselor helped me understand some of the best career opportunities. ”

Career counselling forms an important part of a person’s life to choose the right stream, course, college or country for higher studies. An expert session with a counsellor who has professional experience and a strong understanding of industry trends is important to help you secure your career in the long term. A good career counselling session will help you to get proper guidelines from professional counsellors through the psychometric test. This will let you know your area of interest and your aptitude level. The expert career counsellors will help you to declutter your doubts and will provide guidance towards the right career path to set your long-term goals.

What To Expect From A Career Counselling Session?

Career counsellor will approach your problems in a systematic manner. These people have years of experience and have helped a number of people. A good career counsellor will determine your strengths, weaknesses, learning pattern and your interests. A proper psychometric career assessment test will be done for you to plan your career. In addition to this, career counsellor will also help you to choose the right college or right job that will shape your long-term future plan.

Why is Career Counselling Important?

In the present environment, there are myriad career options available whereby students are often indecisive about which course to pursue. This could be due to a lack of guidance, too many choices, ignorance of personal potential, peer pressure, etc. Here, career counsellor come to the rescue. These counsellor cater to every group of individuals, irrespective of age. The counsellor also help to connect with experts who are pursuing similar careers.

Online Career Counselling Tools for Assessment

To do proper career counselling, standardised tools are used. One of the most important tests that is conducted for career guidance is the psychometric test. This test helps to evaluate the candidate’s interest, aptitude, and personality. Other assessment tools are Big 5, DAT, Wechsler Intelligence Scale, and more.

How is Career Counselling Done?

Career counselling is provided by highly experienced and qualified professionals who have guided a number of people in the past. Career counsellors will make you aware of the careers based on your personality. It will not only help you plan the right career but also suggest a career as per your finance and skill.

Career counselling FAQs

Career counselling is a comprehensive career guidance for a person to make the correct choice about educational and occupational choices. Through proper career counselling, one can have social, financial and emotional life on the right track.

Career counselling is provided by expert professionals based on the individual’s interest, skill and ability. It helps one to pick a field that is based on that.

Career counselling has no age restrictions. A person who is in Class 10 or 12, or even a working professional, can take career counselling. Here is a list of people who can take career counselling and guidance: If you find yourself stuck and find your current job monotonous: if you are in Class 10 or just passed and undecided on which stream to choose as per your ability and interest: if you have completed Class 12 and cannot decide what course to pursue for higher education: if you plan to study abroad and are clueless about which university to go for based on your finances: or if you wish to switch to an alternative career path.

Career counselling is often found to be best for those who have passed/entered Class 10 or 12, or people who wish to make a career transition. Career counselling services are highly effective if you plan your future in advance. From thereon, all you need is someone who can provide you guidance to approach a situation. A career counsellor lets you decide what is best for you and supports you at every stage.